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People First Spring/Summer 2017

Shared Decision Making Transforms Mental Health Care Delivery in PA

Increasing numbers of behavioral health care services in Pennsylvania are promoting shared decision making (SDM), in which service users and providers work together to determine the course of treatment. The advantages of SDM can be understood intuitively: Why wouldn’t a person be at the center of his or her own care?

In Philadelphia, a Model Program Seeks to Help Males of Color Work Toward Recovery

In Philadelphia, a model program called Engaging Males of Color (EMOC) is connecting with men and boys across the city’s racial and ethnic enclaves to promote the idea that seeking help for mental health issues is not a sign of weakness.

Hope Is a Thing That Sings

The author writes: “Finding my passion, and then finding a way to help others through my passion, is more than recovery. It’s discovery!”


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People First Winter 2017

PA Takes Action to Confront the Opioid Epidemic by Elisa Ludwig

While the opioid epidemic is raging across the United States, it is particularly rampant in Pennsylvania. To address this growing scourge, Governor Tom Wolf’s administration is taking unprecedented steps across multiple fronts.

PA Initiatives Fight the Prejudice and Discrimination Associated with Mental Health Conditions by Elisa Ludwig

In Pennsylvania there are numerous initiatives devoted to changing the way people think about mental health, to open minds—and doors. And such education is sorely needed.

Smashing the Golden Calf: How I Demolished a False Idol and Rebuilt My Life by Julie Greene

The author writes: “God is the passion within us all, the intense drive to act and do good in the world, to achieve and be who we are… Within each of us we will find everything we need to survive, thrive, and be happy.”


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