People First 2015 Summer

Psychiatric Advance Directives: An Underused Tool - By Elisa Ludwig

  •  Psychiatric Advance Directives are a way for individuals to speak for themselves about their treatment needs and wishes if they lose the ability to give or withhold informed consent. Here’s what you need to know about this vital tool.

 An Emerging Program for Depression and Anxiety Gets Real Results - By Elisa Ludwig

  •  Beating the Blues, a computer-based program modeled on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, demonstrates that it’s absolutely possible to change the way we look at our lives and, in doing so, find some relief from depression and anxiety.

 “Everyone Falls”: How I Got Up and Reclaimed My Life - By Dawn M.D. Marion

  •  The author, who lost everything she valued but found recovery, writes, “I was rescued by my personal mantra: “It’s not that you fall; everyone does.  It’s how you get up.”
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