Making a Difference

“In the U.S., the annual economic, indirect cost of mental illnesses is estimated to be at least $79 billion. Most of that amount—approximately $63 billion—reflects the cost of lost productivity. Mental illness causes more days of work loss and work impairment than chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, back pain, hypertension, and heart disease.”

While this economic statistic may be difficult to fathom, what we do know clearly is through our work we can help each one of our participants—through self-directed and peer-supported care—move their recovery forward so they can engage in productive lives. Since our founding in 1951, Mental Health Partnerships has been at the forefront of of helping people with mental health challenges and their families on their path of healing. 

In just the last year alone, we helped more than 3,500 people buoyed by the generosity of supporters like you. 


As important as our work with families and individuals is, we’ve also made significant contributions through our advocacy and related work, including:

  • Ending the warehousing of mental health patients at ineffective state mental hospitals, including Philadelphia State Hospital and Haverford State Hospital. By helping people released from these hospitals establish successful lives in the community, we were instrumental in transforming Pennsylvania’s mental health delivery system from a hospital-dependent one to a community-based mental health system. 
  • We partnered with Temple University on the Collaborative on Community Inclusion, funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, which promotes community integration for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. 
  • We were a leader in the advocacy initiative that resulted in the Philadelphia Police Department’s adoption of the Crisis Intervention Team model, which has also been instituted in numerous communities around the United States.

Partner with us to build hope.