MHP's Own Kathy Laws Receives Montgomery County Mental Health Award

Kathy Laws (Family & Youth) was the recipient of the prestigious Dr. Robert H. Miller Award, given annually to one individual "who has made a long term commitment to the field and whose involvement, service and contributions to the improvement of the quality of life of persons with mental illness is noteworthy and exceptional." Kathy was recognized for her passion, advocacy, and trail-blazing efforts on behalf of Families and Youth.

Announcement from Montgomery County Mental Health:

The Dr. Robert H. Miller Award is intended to recognize an individual who has shown outstanding commitment to the field of mental health care, and whose involvement, service, and contributions to the improvement of the quality of life of persons with mental illness is exceptional. This highest honor is given each year to a person who exemplifies the concepts of recovery, resiliency and wellness.
This year’s recipient has made a tremendous impact on the Montgomery County Mental Health system as a fierce and compassionate advocate for individuals, children, and families. Our 2018 Dr. Miller award winner is equal parts kind and strong, warm and professional, serious and filled with joy. This year our honoree is someone who exemplifies the values of the Dr. Miller Award through their role as a professional, a colleague, a mentor, a parent, and a friend.
Our 2018 honoree has been immersed in improving the lives and experiences of individuals and their loved ones for many years. Those who know her, describe her impact and service as wide-ranging and life-changing. She leads by example with the steadfast belief that there is hope, and that people whose lives are impacted by mental illness can and do experience triumph, love, and the achievement of their dreams.
Our Dr. Miller Award Winner not only carries unwavering hope for people, but she also believes firmly in the ability and responsibility of the community to support and care for one another, and to create spaces and opportunities for people and families to thrive. She is a skilled and compassionate leader who is able to motivate others to make change. She finds strength in every person, and is able to support and cultivate that strength. She nurtures and encourages, selflessly, empowering everyone she meets to make a positive difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others as well.
In her current position, our honoree is on the front line of support for families. The knowledge she is able to offer, and the compassion she demonstrates, empowers families to know that they are not alone as they work to support their loved ones. She builds relationships founded on mutual respect and belief in people, and through these relationships she is able to connect resources, advocate for change, and create networks of champions. She is known for emphasizing the positive and forging alliances with even the most unlikely of partners, all with the goal of bringing people together.
Our 2018 Dr. Miller Award winner is a member of the Montgomery County System of Care Leadership Team. Her dedication to the mission of the System of Care is rooted in her belief that as a family member of someone whose life is impacted by mental illness, she and others with similar experiences are bound by their love and responsibility to be the first and last line of support for their loved ones. She does not take this task lightly, nor does she convey condescension or patronize in her support. Instead, she embodies respectful reverence for the power and responsibility of her position. Her love is unconditional and her support is based on a mutual understanding of hope and recovery.
In addition to the System of Care, our honoree has worked professionally as a Family Mentor in the Hi-Fidelity Wrap Around Project with Child and Family Focus, an active volunteer with the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, advocate with the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network, and a representative on the Family Coalition.
Currently, our 2018 Dr, Miller Award winner is the Program Manager of the Montgomery County Family and Youth Division for Mental Health Partners, where she leads the Family Mentor and Advocacy Network, as well as the Family Empowerment and Satisfaction Team.
Our 2018 winner not only impacts lives through her individual interactions, but inspires and empowers others to become leaders and make the changes they want to see in the world.
She is a connector, a believer in dreams, a parent, a cherished colleague, and a fierce advocate for families in Montgomery County. She has boundless energy and willingness to take on any task. She also has solid technology skills which comes in handy.
Our 2018 Dr. Robert H. Miller Award Winner is the one and only, Kathy Laws.