MHP Announcement on Treatment Advocacy Center Grades

Every year, the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) grades each state’s psychiatric outpatient commitment laws. States that received a favorable rating by TAC have laws closest to what they consider the “gold standard”: strengthening or increasing the use of outpatient commitment standards, expanding assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), and restoring psychiatric hospital beds.

Mental Health Partnerships (MHP) is extremely proud that Pennsylvania and Delaware have received an “F” grade, and New Jersey has received a “D” grade from TAC. MHP President and CEO Michael Brody made the following statement: “MHP stands strongly against treatment practices that utilize coercive tactics. The criteria with which one is involuntarily committed is often not meaningful, relevant, or constitutional, and disregards an individual’s civil liberties. Receiving two “F’s” and “D” on this scale proves that Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey respect the individual’s self determination, and their right to be the decision-maker in their treatment plan. Rather than focusing on forced or coercive treatment, greater attention should be placed on increasing the array of services that people have available that they say work best for them.”

Mental health recovery is possible for all when individuals are given the opportunity and support necessary to succeed. We will continue to advocate for informed consent, doctor-patient collaboration, person-centered treatment and meaningful choices. We are grateful for our state and nationwide partners who continue to fight for the rights and civil liberties of the mental and behavioral health community.