New program, Bridges to Home, brings hope to incarcerated women


MHP, in collaboration with the State Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, has been awarded a three year SAMHSA grant to bring peer support services to women and those who identify as female while incarcerated in Philadelphia’s Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF) and as they transition to community upon release. MHP is proud to partner with the State Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, the Philadelphia Prison System, I'm Free, Homeless Advocacy Project, and Temple University.

Bridges to Home focuses on three intersecting experiences: gender, women who have been identified as experiencing serious mental/emotional/psychological distress, substance/alcohol abuse, and/or these two challenges simultaneously, and women who have historically or will be facing homelessness.

The goal of Bridges to Home is to intensely serve between 25-30 women each year of the grant by training women who are incarcerated to become CPS and establishing a Certified Peer Specialist program within the facility. Women who are 60-90 days out from release from RCF will be linked with MHP Case Managers and Certified Peer Specialists and offered a variety of services that have been shown to improve community connection and reintegration and increase the possibility of finding stable housing.

For additional information on Bridges to Home contact Theda Parker: