“Recovery is a process by which individuals with mental illnesses recover their self-esteem, dreams, pride, dignity, and meaning.” –Wilma Townsend

 “With its groundbreaking Institute for Recovery and Community Integration, MHASP is disseminating self-help principles and recovery strategies to consumers and providers in Southeastern Pennsylvania…The Institute has trained hundreds of individuals in the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)…With its emphasis on hope, personal responsibility, education, and self-advocacy, WRAP dovetails with the philosophy of recovery.” 

“MHASP is committed to making sure that consumers are employed in the mental health system through the implementation of the Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) program…Developed by MHASP’s Institute for Recovery and Community Integration, the CPS curriculum draws from the foundation of the self-help movement.”

 “The Prison to Community Project was launched in the summer of 2004…It was born out of the involvement of MHASP advocates with the Philadelphia Coalition for Prison Healthcare, where they encountered many consumers released from prison without services, medications or discharge planning…The Project works with individuals with serious mental illnesses and co-occurring chemical dependencies both prior to and after their release.”



2000'sSusan Rogers