“MHASP believes that there is no appropriate role for state hospitals as we know them in Pennsylvania’s public mental health system…What is needed to force DPW into action is a shared vision among constituent groups, county governments, service providers and state employees on the future role of state hospitals…In the spring of 1994, MHASP advocates focused on the delicate task of achieving that consensus, and the Southeast Region Planning Task Force was established…Remember the closing of Philadelphia State Hospital?”

“I also wish to note the passing…of Marilyn Mennis, a former MHASP board president and a distinguished advocate for children with emotional disorders. Marilyn, acting president and CEO of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, had worked closely over the years with many MHASP board members and staff on a variety of projects...She will be missed.” Herman Sander, President

“On the children’s front, a concrete victory in the battle to secure comprehensive services for children or adolescents was achieved in Congress during the summer of 1994…MHASP advocates helped make it happen with a vigorous legislative campaign…to fund a federal program that provides direct care to children or adolescents with emotional disorders…the House Appropriations Committee voted…to increase funding…from $35 million to $60 million…the Committee recommendation ultimately was included in the federal budget for 1995."