“MHASP continued in 1993 to seek the reinvestment of state hospital funds into treatment and housing in the community…Under the first phase of the Community Hospital Integration Projects Program (CHIPP), 98 beds were closed at Norristown and Haverford state hospitals and $6.35 million in savings was transferred to expanded community-based services…”

“MHASP advocates battled to contain a crisis that threatens to undo all of the gains achieved in CHIPPs...The danger arose out of the state Department of Public Welfare’s Medical Assistance program plan to pay for care through managed care contractors…the Association joined in a law suit that seeks to block the state’s mandatory plan to provide Medical Assistance benefits through managed care.”

“MHASP’s advocacy activities on the national scene…worked for the inclusion of mental health treatment in federal health care reform…MHASP advocates…elbowed their way to a seat at the bargaining table…MHASP scored a political victory…when consumer-run mental health services were included in the health care bill passed out of the Senate Finance Committee.”

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