“The long awaited closing of Philadelphia State Hospital on June 30, 1990, was a landmark achievement in the history of the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania…Association staff worked with a broad-based coalition to put in place a humane, comprehensive system of care in the community to replace PSH’s deteriorating wards…The closing of Philadelphia State Hospital irrevocably changed the face of the public mental health system in Philadelphia – and that makes this accomplishment the pinnacle of MHASP’s 40-year history as a leading advocate for system reform.”

“MHASP worked with the National Mental Health Association to promote the federal Children’s and Communities Mental Health Systems Improvement Act.”

“Working in coalition with Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy and the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Pennsylvania, MHASP worked to develop mental health systems-change bills, which would establish a unified community-based system of care by converting funds allocated to state hospitals to services in the community.”

“The National Mental Health Association honored Joseph Rogers with the Clifford Beers Award.” (NMHA [from their 2011 literature]:  Each year only one person in the country is selected for this honor. The Clifford W. Beers Award, the highest award offered by Mental Health America [formerly the National Mental Health Association], is bestowed on a 'mental health consumer whose service and leadership best emulate the example set by founder Clifford W. Beers, to improve conditions for and attitudes toward people with mental health conditions.' It has been presented annually since 1976.)